Launch of Official Vivergy Beta

After 6 short months of development, it is that time! Today, I am proud to announce that we are officially beta-launching the first version of the Vivergy platform at For those of you who are hearing about this for the first time, or who are just now getting back in touch, here is the deal:

Vivergy is a complete re-imagination of personal energy and fuel consumption as an issue of community health. On Vivergy, you can discover how your energy choices impact the health of community members through air pollution, and team up with others around you to reduce childhood asthma attacks.

If this is news to you, here is one way you can look at it. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, where we are located, children breathe in 7 cigarettes worth of air pollution over the course of the year. This is equal to living approximately 3 months out of the year with a smoker. Even though Ann Arbor has far from the dirtiest air in the country, and you can rarely see any sort of smog, it is still there. Children with asthma are especially susceptible. Need a full summary? Check out our video.

On Vivergy, you can

  • get your V Score, which symbolizes your personal impact on human health due to air pollution
  • get a live report, up to the latest hour, on air quality in your area in terms of cigarettes
  • compare to others in your community
  • get custom suggestions for actions you can take, and what impact they have in terms of V Score and dollars
  • team up on our Groups feature to create a bigger statement

We really like focusing on air pollution for two distinct reasons. Number one, it is a localized phenomenon. Pollution is much more likely to stick around the area where fuel or energy is being burned. In other words, your community gets a shot at improving its own air. Secondly, you can get a dynamic air quality reading every hour. This is a reminder that this issue is very real right now, but can also be addressed right now.

So of all the things we could be doing with our lives, we choose to do this. Why? Well, once we discovered that we could develop a credible system to give people the opportunity to improve the health of other human beings, we felt a huge emotional pull to spread our tool to others. It is something about the concept of affecting the life of another person, whether we know them or not, that resonates deeply within us. We thought about our experiences as athletes, and the excellent feeling that comes with staying in good health. Given the fact that those with asthma may not be able to enjoy this as often as others, we want to do whatever we can, within reason, to take a part in reducing their burden. And we want to give that feeling for the greatest amount of time possible. So check out our product and join us!

Got a question? Email us at info (at)

-The Vivergy Team

Creating a healthy human habitat