Introducing AirWatch, The Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution For Schools


Today, we are proud to announce the launch of AirWatch, our new complete solution for schools to measure air quality on their premises and live broadcast the results to students, parents and staff in real-time. With AirWatch, schools can not only get accurate air pollution readings at their school every minute, but also share these results in real-time through a user-friendly web interface.

So how exactly do we deliver this groundbreaking package?

AirWatch is composed of two parts.

  1. A Dylos Air Quality monitor hooked up to a Raspberry Pi for live streaming via Wi-Fi.


The Dylos DC1100 Pro is a highly accurate air quality monitor (source) that reads every minute, but there is just one issue- there is no good way to share those results! So, we hooked it up to a Rasberry Pi (microcomputer) with a Wi-Fi adapter so that the results can be shared widely in real-time.

Raspberry Pi Wifi

2. The AirWatch Site


The AirWatch interface at allows students, parents and teachers to easily browse the monitor’s readings and check out historical data. It also allows parents to share any actions they are taking to clean the school’s air.

Any school that has power and Wi-Fi (in other words, almost every school) is eligible. And by the way- we also translate the live readings into secondhand smoke equivalents, as always, so everybody can understand the readings.

Got questions or want to see this in your school? Email us at info (at) joinvivergy (dot) com!

–The Vivergy Team


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