Build Your Own (Accurate) Air Quality Monitor That Live Streams To The Web

Just came across an excellent guide from World AQI on how to build your own air quality monitor that streams data live from your location to the web.  Oh yeah, did I mention that it is super easy, accurate and only costs around $350?

All you need is:

-A Dylos air quality monitor with PC interface

-A Raspberry Pi

-Serial to USB cable

This setup will allow you to broadcast air quality from your location live to the internet, and even add it to the World AQI map in real time. The instructions and documentation are available on the World AQI blog. The Dylos has been independently reviewed by both the EPA and WAQI, and although it does not perform at a government-approved level, it gives excellent data accuracy for a device that costs less that $300. The only downside is that the Dylos is not weatherproof, but perhaps we will develop that next! An example of the findings on accuracy is below:


If you want to check out mobile air quality monitoring options, check out our guide to the Airbeam!

–The Vivergy Team


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